Microbiome of Love, 2019
Experimental Film / Science Fiction


Microbiome of Love is a fictional hypothesis on quantifying love. I created this in hopes of bringing light to a more unorthodox look at love. One that is tangible, one that is quantifiable, and one that has the ability to be harnessed for the advancement of humanity.

Based on my research of the gut-brain axis, and learning how our gut microbes can influence memory, mood, and cognition, I think we have entered a time where posing the possibililty to quantify and harness love has become feasible for my lifetime. What do you think?

Delivery of My Baby Spouse, 2019
Florescent Protein Expressing E. Coli Cells

By growing florescent protein expressing E. coli cells within the spaces of a laser cut raster of the image; I attempt to give birth to my mother, artificially reincarnating her as a plane of microbial imagery, “Delivery of My Baby Spouse”. By doing so, a cherished photograph becomes elevated into a living organized structure requiring my love and maintenance. I have to help my baby spouse become capable of living a “good” life through feeding, incubating, and giving her stimulus. I mention spouse in the title because in another life, I’d like to think I would be the person who would grow old with my mother. Maybe that person is growing alongside my baby E. coli colony.
The question I want to pose, inspired by Ellen K. Levy’s artist talk at the Collegiate Art Association conference in New York this past February, is “what does it mean to love someone, an organism? Does loving their soul include the culmination of systems and microbes found within them? If that’s the case, then I think we can manifest love into biosystems that are similar to those inside us all; humanizing microbes we once thought were distant & trivial. By reorganizing the hierarchy of organisms from whom we deem significant and insignificant, we begin to understand that everything is alive, and we are all a part of a grand cosmic miracle. :) Happy days forever 엄마

Little Paradise, 2019
Bacterial Cellulose

“Little Paradise” is an exploration of material relationships inspired by my favorite writers at the moment, Joshua Simon and Jane Bennett.
Every element of “Little Paradise” is an attempt to vicariously love & send only the best wishes to my buddy who isn’t with us anymore, Bob.
    Two humps of fresh g. hensanii bacterial cellulose (vegan lab grown leather) saturated in kimchi bask under a heat lamp, along with virtual Bob under some ripe rays in his favorite garden. (16 year old me loved this photoshoot for his OkCupid.) As the heat lamp bakes the cellulose, its smell dilutes in pungency, and it evolves into a new form that is dry and rigid. The clay hand signifies the event of Bob’s death to further encourage one to see the activation between these inanimate materials unfold.
    You were a good man!! I miss you too!